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Get all 39 high resolution cards for "Circus Corgis" to print at home.

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Players: 2-4

Ages: 12+

Time: 30 minutes



Page count: 6

Components: 2 pages Rules, 10 page Cards (Fronts and Backs)

Additional components needed: 8 meeples or cubes (2 per color), 9 Star Tokens (can use coins), 16 Treat Tokens  




Circus Corgis is a Trick-Taking, Treat eating, Star Bidding, low rider game for all levels!
Once cards are dealt, players bid on how many tricks they’ll win. The more specific you are with your prediction, the greater the reward. Earn Treats to incentivize your pups and play the higher value of a card. Earn 5 Trophies to win!!
Outbid and out-trick your opponents, and put on the most spectacular show in Circus Corgis!



Contact for an issues.

Circus Corgis (Print and Play)

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