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Get all 18 high resolution cards for "Dual" to print at home, with the printable hook box and stl token files.

Download code is good for 30 days.




Players: 2-3

Ages: 12+

Time: 20 minutes



Page count: 6

Components: 4 page Poker Cards (Fronts and Backs), 2 page hook box (Outside and Inside), 3 stl files for 3D printing (optional), 1 sticker for box (optional). Also includes a gutter Card version with extra space between cards.

Additional components needed: None 




Dual is an 18 card trick-taking game where cards have dual suits with different values. Battle with the spirits, waken your celestials, and outsmart your opponent to win the skies. The top suit of your celestial is Awake (active). Follow suit if you can. Otherwise the celestial's Star power is used as trump. The losing player may invoke the winds of change to flip a player's hand. After five rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.



Contact for an issues.

Dual (Print and Play)

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