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Get all 18 high resolution cards for "Hermit" to print at home, with the printable hook box and stl file.

Download code is good for 30 days.




Players: 1

Ages: 12+

Time: 10 minutes



Page count: 8

Components: 1 pages Rules, 4 page Poker Cards (Fronts and Backs), 2 page hook box (Outside and Inside), 1 stl file for 3D printing (optional), 1 sticker for box (optional). Also includes a Narrow Card version with square grid.

Additional components needed: None 




Hermit is a solo 18-card game about the journey home. Help the tiny Hermit return to the ocean in this 18-card solo game. Tile together patterns to move the hermit forward on the shore. Match additional icons to bring the wave closer, and cover suns to keep your hand plentiful. Reach the wave before it recedes out of sight to win the game.



Contact for an issues.

Hermit (Print and Play)

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