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Get 4 high resolution cards for "Horde of Monsters" to print at home. Subscribers apply your 50% discount code!

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Players: 1+

Ages: 8+

Time: 10 minutes



Page count: 10

Components: 2 pages General Rules, 4 Maps, and 4 page Map Rules.

Additional Components Needed: 2 dice (d6), a deck of cards, 1 pawn per player, and writing utensils. 




Capture Monsters, horde gold and amass treasure in this adventure roll/flip and write. Play with friends or tackle the journey on your own. Move around the map marking spaces to collect treasures and surround Monsters. After ten rounds, add up your score from various achievements. Play any one of four maps or play the legendary adventure through all 4 maps!



Contact for an issues.

Horde of Monsters (Print and Play)

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