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Get all 18 high resolution cards for "Road Trip" to print at home, with the printable hook box.

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Players: 1

Ages: 12+

Time: 10 minutes



Page count: 8

Components: 2 pages Rules, 4 page Cards (Fronts and Backs), 2 page hook box (Outside and Inside)

Additional components needed: None 




Road Trip is a solo 18-card game about a trip across the USA. Find the most efficient route for your travels by arranging your 9 Stops in geographical order (Stop number) from left to right using Actions before your deck runs out.

Play wherever, whenever. Then pack it away in your very own hook box (resize info for sleeved cards). 


Postcards are left blank to encourage you to fill out the back of the Postcards. For example, you may write a message every time you win the game, or when you visit each place, or just make up stories to add. The space is yours to create any narrative you wish!



Contact for an issues.

Road Trip (Print and Play)

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