Get the fully arted game for "Tack" to print at home, with the Expansion cards and Box template.

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Players: 2

Ages: 7+

Time: 15 minutes



Page count: 10

Components:  Rules, 23 Cards (fronts and backs), Board, and Hook Box

Additional components needed: 10 dice (5 of each color), 2 tokens (1 of each color)



Out on the open sea, a small boat navigates the temperamental winds. Summon a powerful gust of wind to push your sails to victory.
In this short strategy game, players will move dice up and down within a grid to equal the required dice total. Block your opponents, line up your dice, and activate the wind to earn one point per dice. The first player to harness 9 points wins!

Now includes expansion cards and box for easy card storage!



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Tack (Print and Play)